How to Replace Side Lights/Turn Signals for Your 2021 2022 2023 Ford Bronco ?

  Turn signals are an important part of your non-verbal communication with drivers around you while driving. It is important that your turn signals are fully functional at all times for your safety and the safety of others. The turn signal we recommend today is specially designed for Bronco, it can be applied to 2021-2023 Bronco Sport Base/ Big Bend/ Outer Banks/ Badlands/First Edition. When it's time to replace your turn signals and upgrade to a brighter pair, our smoked lens LED amber turn signals are the perfect replacement for your original car.


Why you need to install led side marker lights for your car?
1) Increased Driving Safety: The side marker lights can let your car more visible in the road, especially in the dark night.
2) Function: Because there is lots of installation wiring methods, therefore the amber light and white light can be as many function lights, like turn signal light, daytime running light or blinker light.
3) Lighting & Decoration: Not only as lighting, but also a decoration for your car. It will give your car a whole new luxury look.

Let's take a look at some features of this lights:

1) Flexible Functions

This amber LED lights is not only used as a basic side light, but also can be used as a turn signal lights, daytime running lights Blinker Lights and warning lights.

2) Amber LED Lights

24pcs 4014 LED chips provide bright lights to let others know your location. High brightness amber light stand out day or night and it makes your truck very unique. They provide your vehicle with a faster on/off response time that is sure to catch a driver's attention when you need to make a left or right turn.

3) Amber and White Dual Colors

The amber & white dual colors make the car look modern and distinctive. The bright white light makes you feel comfortable in daytime, and the amber light has strong penetration power so it is for driving at night and in rainy, snowy, foggy or other days.

NOTICE: When you turn on the daytime running light, the side marker light color is white; when you turn on the turn signal light, it will change from white to amber.

4) Waterproof LED Lights

The side marker assembly is made of scratch-resistant PVC plastic housing and high-quality smoked lenses, which is not easy to fade after long-term exposure, sturdy and durable, and can work in any weather conditions without worrying about driving, and can be used normally for a long time. It is the best choice for LED accessories light.

5) Easy to Install

This LED amber light matches exactly with the stock one in terms of size and can be installed directly. Wire connection is also very simple, Positive wire: Red Wire directly connect the red wire to the function light you want, such as turn signal, daytime running light, etc.; Negative wire: Black Wire connect to the bolt on the fender or firewall. (If you do not want to destroy the stock car wires, you can match our car wire connector plug.)

We also have a plug and play version for blinker lights, which fits the installation position accurately; Plug and play, connect to the blinker lights power plug directly, come with adapters harness/breakout plugs.


The following video is how to correctly install this light and the loading effect shared by our customers.

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